‘The Queen’s Gambit’ team Scott Frank and Anya Taylor-Joy to reunite with another amazing saga! More updates are available now!

It is not the first time Anya Taylor-Joy is uniting with Scott Frank. After their first and prodigious success of ‘The Queen’s Gambit’, the duo is once again coming together for yet another magical project. Let’s find out more about the new project of the ‘Queen’!

‘The Queen’s Gambit’ which was based on the novel of the same name by Walter Tevis, it revolves around Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy), a shy little girl who, growing up at a Christian orphanage, takes to chess like a duck to water. She is taught the rules of the game by the orphanage’s janitor Mr. Shaibel (Bill Camp), and proves to possess an uncanny knack for the game.

The series was recognized as a global phenomenon that it has, and that includes co-creator Scott Frank and lead actor Anya Taylor-Joy, who plays chess prodigy Beth Harmon in the Netflix limited series. Academy Award-nominated writer/director Frank, who co-created the series with Allan Scott, is now hoping that lighting in a bottle will carry over to his next project.

‘The Queen’s Gambit’ fame ‘Anya Taylor-Joy’ is all set for her ‘new move’!

Updates on 'The Queen's Gambit' fame 'Anya Taylor-Joy's new project with Scott Frank
Updates on ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ fame ‘Anya Taylor-Joy’s new project with Scott Frank

In a recent interview Scott Frank announced the news of his new project with Anya which has left the fans restless, rushing themselves forward to know more about the upcoming venture. According to the latest updates, Frank is currently developing an adaptation of “Lolita” author Vladimir Nabokov’s 1932 novel “Laughter in the Dark,” with Anya Taylor-Joy to star.

Frank called the project “a valentine to movies, I’m going to do it as a film noir and a movie within a movie. And it’s a really nasty, wonderful, thriller.”

As far as the plot of the book is concerned, it revolves around the life of Albert Albinus, a middle-aged art critic who takes a special interest in Margot Peters, a 17-year-old aspiring actress and model. They form a mutually parasitic relationship, abetted by Margot’s old flame Axel Rex, who reunites with her to suck the life out of Albert.

However, no further reports on the project regarding its release date, and cast other than Anya Taylor is still under carpet. Let’s wait for more news and updates.

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