The return appearance of Bruce Willis : A miracle for “Die Hard” fans!

The “Die Hard” fans finally got something to cherish. Their iconic hero Bruce Willis is back as the action champion, but this time with a slight change. Willis’s rebirth as his character John McClane from the Die Hard series gave a glimmer of hope for his fans. But was it for his new film was a question that was left unattended. Well, here’s the answer for it.

Watch the official trailer here

It is recently reported that the resurrection of his iconic role as John McClane was not for his new movie but for a battery commercial! When the teaser got streamlined through several accounts, including Willis’ daughter,Rumer Willis, NFL sideline reporter Erin Andrews and others, made the fans to feed on false hopes.

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The Advance Auto Parts, which owned the Die Hard car battery board enrolled Willis to replay McClane once again in a new spot. The 2-minute long video was enriched by several elements from the series for the Die Hard fans to cherish. It includes a shot of Willis escaping through a vent and also the famous line”yippee ki yay” -resorting to the mood of the series.

Bruce Willis-Die Hard
Bruce Willis-Die Hard

The video begins with McClane crying over his dead car battery. This is followed his super heroic encounter with Theo and Argyle accompanied by a humongous explosion. However the advertisement recieved a mixed response from the fans where some of them found it quite interesting whereas another half found it as an insult for the “Die Hard” series.

The Die Hard movie series debuted in 1988, was something that has gained a wider viewership and had enjoyed a greater fan following.

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