The Rigorous DIABOLICAL TRAINING took a heavy toll on the ‘Outlander’ character ‘Dougal MacKenzie’!

The ‘Outlander’ fame Graham McTavish, often addressed as ‘Dougal MacKenzie’ had a tough time in his fitness training session. The recent ‘Diabolical Training’ seems to have taken a heavy toll on him.

Recently, the actor took to his Instagram page to share a video snippet exhibiting the rigorous training session held by his diabolical trainer, and the caption validates the point how inclement and harsh it was.

“You can’t see my face and my silent tears,” says the ‘Outlander’ fame!

“Apparently today’s visit with my diabolical trainer @teerichards was designed to have me massage two medicine balls in time with the music while resting on an enormous beach toy. I suspect that this was done for her own cruel amusement. Fortunately you can’t see my face and my silent tears,” posted the actor.

'Outlander' character 'Dougal MacKenzie' in physical training
‘Outlander’ character ‘Dougal MacKenzie’ in physical training

This stiffened body training might be the secret to his perfectly healthy, fit body. In a humorous manner he unleashes a tricky joke about his trainer saying this must be a part of her ‘cruel amazement.’

'Outlander' character 'Dougal MacKenzie'
‘Outlander’ character ‘Dougal MacKenzie’

Of late, the actor along with his co-actor and bosom friend Sam Heughan has been occupied with their couple journeys through the lowlands of Scotland, exploring its culture, history and legacy through their TV show “Men in Kilts.” The recent release of ‘Men in Kilts’ Behind the scenes mustered a number of positively gratifying responses from his fans.

Men in Kilts
Men in Kilts

Being one of the most watched documentary series, ‘Men in Kilts’ has garnered a wider span of audience right from its inception. As a Scotland focused series, the show first premiered via Starz on February 14th this year.

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The network, which also airs Outlander, announced that they had picked up the series in June of 2020, and confirmed that the season will feature eight half-hour episodes.

sam and graham in men in kilts episode-5
sam and graham in men in kilts episode-5

“The genuine curiosity and passion that Sam and Graham have for the landscapes they visit and the stories they uncover while traveling through the heart of Scotland makes Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham a truly enjoyable journey of discovery for the audience,” Christina Davis, President of original programming for Starz said in a statement.

“The series gives context and texture to Highland life and history, woven together, much like the tartan for which Scotland is so famous, and we look forward to taking this road trip with these two great friends.”

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