The ‘STYLIST-MOM FACE’ of Cardi B is no longer a secret now!

The singer face of Cardi B is popularly known to each and every tiny being around the globe! This was recently consolidated with the release of her brand new single UP, which got debuted at #4 on this Weeks Bill Board Global 200! But even in the midst of all these celebrity life and fame, she does manage to fix herself into the role of a dutiful mom to her 3 year old daughter Kulture Kiari.

Known for quirky fashion mantras and styling techniques, Cardi B’s unique manicure which went viral recently was something which proved her extraordinary caliber in the field of beauty care. Of late, the ‘stylist’ face of Cardi B when merged with her ‘Mom’ face gave a freaking perfect makeover to her daughter Kulture Kiari.

Recently, the singer took to her Instagram page to share the cute, gorgeous snapshot of her 3 year old who was styled by herself.

“I was really meant to be a girl mom,” says Cardi B!

“I was really meant to be a girl mom .. styled by me … @offsetyrn had to bribe her with cookies for these pics ….oooo yeeaaa sneakers are from my @reebok collections. @kulturekiari,” posted the singer.

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Little Cardi B looked stunningly cute in her blue frock and denim jacket, paired with a contrast light pink bow, hand clutch and the sneakers from her ‘reebok’ collections. It was a challenging and tiring task being a stylist of one’s own daughter, admits Cardi B. It was primarily because her husband Offset had to bribe little kiddo with a cookie for making her pose for the camera.

Cardi B is all set to make 'an announcement' tomorrow
Cardi B is all set to make ‘an announcement’ tomorrow

And finally the combined effort of both Cardi B and Offset came into fruition and hence the pics. Being regarded as one of the most romantic couples, Cardi B and Offset, the duo had celebrated their Valentine’s Day by sharing some intimate images captured during their beacation. Now with the release of this novel image of their daughter, styled by them, the duo seems to enjoy the mirth of parenthood!

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