‘The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon’: Dwayne Johnson narrated his success tale behind ‘Teremana’ Business!

‘The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon’ witnessed yet another ‘success tale’ by a legendary human being. It’s none other than Dwayne Johnson and his triumphant journey towards making his Tequila brand ‘Teremana’ one of the most popular and widely used products around the globe.

Recently, Dwayne Johnson has shared the great news of his brand Teremana cracking atop the list of top 5 brands of Tequila products. With the business of ‘Teremana’ meeting an unexpected upsurge, Dwayne Johnson has been recently celebrated as one of the most popular and accepted business maestros in every sense.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

Of late, his visit to the ‘Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon’ saw a historic and epic moment with the actor opening up his success mantra towards achieving the victorious journey which is enjoyed by ‘Teremana’ nowadays. He also shared a small snippet of his session with Jimmy Fallon narrating his triumphant journey with ‘Teremana.’

“I wanted to make tequila of the people,” says Dwayne Johnson!

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“My goal for @teremana was to create the “tequila of the people”
And a huge mahalo to my good friend, @jimmyfallon for being such a big supporter and believer in our quality from the beginning.
You’re the best, thank you my brother.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

And most of all, THANK YOU to THE PEOPLE for making TEREMANA the most exciting tequila in the world and the biggest record breaking spirit in our spirits industry.

Cheers and mana, my friends,” posted the actor.

Dwayne Johnson's 'Teremana' cracks the Top 5
Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Teremana’ cracks the Top 5

The actor also made it a point to express his wholehearted gratitude to the host of the show Jimmy Fallon for joining him in his success!

Dwayne Johnson and his brand 'Teremana'
Dwayne Johnson and his brand ‘Teremana’

It was indeed a prideful moment for Dwayne Johnson to narrate how his Tequila brand ‘Teremana’ made records by eclipsing every other popular brands like ‘Vodka’, ‘Rum,’ ‘Whiskey,’ and ‘Jinn,’ to name a few. Over the past one year he says they had sold for about three hundred thousand nine liter cases, in less than a year, which is the biggest launch in the history of all spirit across the board.

Hats off to his 100% commitment which is best revealed through his statement ‘Tequila of the people.’ Incredible!

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