The Truth Behind ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’: Who and Where is the ‘Real Wolf of Wall Street’ now?

Financial dramas have now become a trendsetter in the entire entertainment industry worldwide. Building up and producing stories based on real life and fictional financial giants isn’t a new thing any more. But, the movie ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ was heartily welcomed by the viewers and there is something striking concerning this huge acceptance of the audience that set the movie rolling in a single row. It’s nothing but the curiosity to know whether the story unfolded is real or fictional.

Narrating the story of a business tycoon, his rise to a wealthy stock-broker living the high life to his fall involving crime, corruption and the federal government the movie has got almost a gripping, outrageous impact on the audience. The business tycoon mentioned in the story is a real life human being with flesh and blood named  Jordan Belfort, and the story is purely a 2007 biography of the same name, which recounts his days of white collar crime and financial fraud.

The Autobiography of Jordan Belfort
The Autobiography of Jordan Belfort

So in this sense it can be said that the entire story is based on a real life incident. Jordan Belfort who is fictionally represented by the ever charming hero of Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio, has once again proved his excellency in the field of acting. Released in 2013, the movie still has got its gripping hands over its audience and that is made possible primarily through the acting versatility of DiCaprio. The ups and downs in the life of Jordan Belfort, the crazy antics of the financial sector that he confronts daily and the struggling pain born out of his transactions are very well handled by DiCaprio. No doubt, if Leonardo DiCaprio is to take up the role of Jack Sparrow in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’! Such is his charisma.

The Mystery behind the ‘Real Wolf of Wall Street’ is out now

While ‘The Wolf of Wall Street ‘ covers Belfort and his company’s financial scams and schemes, it also shows some his most outrageous antics, which include money laundering, plenty of cocaine use, driving while on quaaludes, crashing a helicopter, sinking a yacht, and more. And according to some recent reports, those wild scenes are really happened in the life of Belfort.

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As far as the ‘real Belfort’ is concerned, he was pleaded guilty in 1999 to fraud and money laundering and agreed to become a government witness in a case against an accountant and other stock fraud defendants accused of cooking the firm’s books and funneling money into a bogus holding company and overseas bank accounts.

Who and Where is the 'Real Wolf of Wall Street' now
Who and Where is the ‘Real Wolf of Wall Street’ now

Later in 2003, after a broken marriage and a bout with drug addiction, Belfort was sentenced to 3½ years in prison and ordered to chip away at the $110 million restitution by giving 50 percent of his future earnings to the government. Following this he spent his days in prison for about 22 months, where he got acquainted with Tommy Chong, whose friendship was phenomenal in transforming him to a writer and motivational speaker.

Currently the movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ is available on YouTube, Google Play, iTunes, Vudu, Prime Video, and FandangoNow. Unfortunately, the movie is not available to stream on platforms like Netflix, which has recently hit million subscribers or Hulu.

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