‘The Undoing’ actress Nicole Kidman’s new hairstyle: She calls it ‘Hairlarious’!

'The Undoing' actress Nicole Kidman's new hairstyle, she calls it 'Hairlarious'
'The Undoing' actress Nicole Kidman's new hairstyle, she calls it 'Hairlarious'

The Undoing actress has recently come up with something bizarre, yet extravagant hairstyle!

Yes, recently, Nicole Kidman shared this funny, elegant image of her brand new hairstyle which left her fans bemused.

“Hairlarious … Yep, The Undone. Thank you @kevinjzak #TheUndoing,” posted Niocle.

Inventing a brand new term for this innovative hairstyle and naming it as ‘Hairlarious,’ Nicole attempts to bring in our attention towards the funny, ironical cluster of curls that she has got on her hair. The actress appeared gorgeous as always even in her unkempt tangles of curls.

Nicole Kidman’s ‘Drama Queen’ hairstyle left her fans bemused!

Nicole Kidman has been doing wonders with her eponymous role in the epic psychological thriller ‘The Undoing.’ Directed by Susanne Bier, the miniseries is an adaptation of Jean Hanff Korelitz’s thriller novel ‘You Should Have Known’. As a whole the story speaks about the universal issues of marriage, betrayal and the big fat lives that the rich share to save one’s own skin. Nicole Kidman has poened up several times about how thrilling it was to take part in the series, playing a lead role alongside Hugh Grant.

Recently, ‘The Undoing’ by Nicole Kidman made daring Revelations on the lives of the ‘Privileged,’ revealing the deep dark secrets of those who are at the pinnacle of success. The Australian-born actress was recently back in Australia where she was filming TV mini-series Nine Perfect Strangers.

Even in the midst of these busy schedules, she finds time to make her fans laugh with a series of Instagram posts, her dramatic hair style is one such hilarious act!