The Walking Dead Holiday specials: Find out more about ‘When’ and ‘Where’ to watch!

The ‘best apocalypse-zombie series ever’! If you are asked to define ‘The Walking Dead’, nothing is more apt than this very description! The charisma that it had upon the series buffs, knows no bound. To this day the series, ‘The Walking Dead’ is hailed as the top in the list of zombie tales refurbishing on the idea of apocalypse.

Of late, the series ‘The Walking Dead Season 10’ was put on a temporary halt due to the rising tensions caused by COVID-19 pandemic. But the recent reports say that the team has begun filming for the six bonus episodes of ‘The Walking Dead Season 10’. This has in fact relighted a glimmer of hope in ‘The Walking Dead’ freaks!

Recently, team ‘The Walking Dead’ has come up with yet another positive updates. What more is there in store for the ‘Walking Dead’ fans? Let’s find out.

The Walking Dead Holiday special: More updates are available now!

Release date of the extra episodes of 'The Walking Dead Season 10'
Release date of the extra episodes of ‘The Walking Dead Season 10’

The Walking Dead Holiday Special is streaming on Sunday, December 13, exclusively on AMC+. The episode will be done in the style of Talking Dead with a virtual reunion being hosted by Chris Hardwick, gathering the cast and producers of The Walking Dead including many fan favorites who haven’t been seen in the show for a while. The special is set to reflect on the history of The Walking Dead and tease what’s coming in the future as the universe continues to expand.

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Previously announced cast members include Lauren Cohan (Maggie), Melissa McBride (Carol), Josh McDermitt (Eugene), Khary Payton (King Ezekiel), Eleanor Matsuura (Yumiko), Cooper Andrews (Jerry), Cassady McClincy (Lydia), Lauren Ridloff (Connie), Cailey Fleming (Judith), and former Walking Dead stars Emily Kinney (Beth Greene) and IronE Singleton (T-Dog).

The special includes Kinney’s performance of “Up on the Housetop” and “10 Seasons of The Walking Dead,” a parody of the “Twelve Days of Christmas,” by Payton, Andrews, Matsuura, and McClincy.

As of December 13, The Walking Dead Holiday Special is now available to watch via the AMC+ streaming bundle. The special is a streaming exclusive and is not airing on the AMC network like traditional episodes of Talking Dead. The subscribers have access to collections from the AMC Networks family, including Shudder, Sundance Now, IFC Films, with access to shows from AMC, BBC America, IFC, and SundanceTV. The AMC+ streaming bundle offers such benefits as early access to new episodes as well as ad-free and On-Demand viewing, including all Walking Dead shows.

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