The WHO has become “China-centric” during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic

The World Health Organization has become “China-Centric” during the ongoing Corona Virus pandemic.

WASHINGTON: The World Health Organization has become a tool of the “Chinese Propaganda,” the Trump management has alleged, asserting the Global Health Agency has lost all its credibility during the ongoing pandemic.

US President Donald Trump recently announced he would suspend the funding to Word Health Organization, stating the UN health organization has become “China Centric” during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. The problem with the WHO is that they have lost all credibility during this crisis, US National Security Advisor Robert O’ Brien said.

The United States is the main contributor to the Geneva-headquartered world body.

“It’s not like the WHO has been a highly-credible organization for many years. The United States spends over half a billion dollars on the WHO. China contributes about USD 4 million on the WHO, about one-tenth of what the US spends, and yet the WHO has become a tool of Chinese propaganda.” he alleged.

Earlier, Trump had also said that China could have quickly stop coronavirus, and this blame was in turn denounced by Bejing. Yet another allegation against China!

WHO has made mistakes in dealing with Beijing “That turned to be totally improper advice, and has been rejected by the public health professionals,” he noted.

“So if that’s an amazing achievement, I don’t know what is, So we have got a real credibility problem with the WHO.” He said.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

The COVID-19 has claimed more than 45,000 lives and infected over 8,24,000 people in the US, according to John Hopkins University Data.

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