“There is no widespread undetected community transmission in New Zealand,” says Prime minister

“There is no widespread undetected community transmission in New Zealand. We have won that battle,” Ardern said Monday, according to the report.

Watch: How New Zealand won the battle of COVID-19

“But we must remain vigilant if we are to keep it that way.” Over the past several days, new cases of coronavirus in the country have been “in the single digits,” Ardern said in a press conference Monday. She called the numbers “incredible,” crediting the low amount of cases to the “sacrifices that every single New Zealander has made.” And on Sunday, the country reached a milestone with no new cases announced for the first time in weeks, but another five were reported Monday, according to NPR.

The small number of new cases “does give us confidence that we have achieved our goal of elimination,” said Ashley Bloomfield, the country’s director-general of health, according to the report. That victory doesn’t mean there will be no new cases, but that the numbers will be manageable through rigorous contact tracing, the officials said.

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Ardern said she was looking forward to supporting small retailers who had been unable to open during alert level 4, and “showing them a bit of love.” Another person Ardern was keen to acknowledge was Bloomfield, in what was the pair’s final regular press conference together. The prime minister said New Zealand was “lucky” to have a public servant of Bloomfield’s calibre. “Dr. Bloomfield. It’s been a real honor,” she said.

Prime minister Jacinda Ardern announcement over Corona virus
Prime minister Jacinda Ardern announcement over Corona virus

Eateries announced contact less delivery plans, and retail stores showcased their latest collections online for home delivery, and office towers posted social distancing rules in elevators and public areas. Still, Ardern stressed that public gatherings remain banned and asked people to stay in their ‘bubble.’ For more Politics news click here.


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