“This is a pic of our first date”: Alicia Keys and her NEW DATE is no longer a secret!

Professionally known for her musical versatility, Alicia Keys has always been a constantly celebrated public figure from time to time. The media and paparazzi following right from the inception of her career in limelight isn’t something new to her. Obviously, the interest of the media eyes would surge when it comes to the private life, particularly when it comes to their dates and love life, the amount of fascination that goes behind it is massive and matchless.

The new venture initiated by Alicia Keys during the US Presidential elections has been a breakthrough for her among all the other projects that she was a part of lately. Now, the recently shared snapshots by Alicia Keys has triggered something gratifyingly positive about her NEW DATE! But to their astonishment they finally found out that its none other than her son! An amazing revelation indeed.

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“The other day when @therealswizzz was taking me out on a date Gen said, “Can I come mommy?” I told him we can go on our own date. So this is a pic of our first date. I told him he has to open the door for me and pull out my chair bc that’s what a gentleman does.⁣ Check my story to see how that went. I love raising boys! They light me up,” posted the singer.

Alicia Keys left her fans amazed with her NEW DATE!

Sharing the gorgeous date snapshots with her cute little son, Alicia Keys openly admitted that she loved raising boys primarily because they lightened her up! Both mom and son looked like a perfect pair together, offering a cute little smile on the face of all her fans worldwide watching the snapshots.

Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys

Dressed up in casuals, she taught her son the first and primary etiquette to be followed during a date. She told her son that he has to open the door for her as well as must pull out her chair, which was one among the gentlemanly traits that is expected out of him.

Indeed a “cute little date” in every sense!

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