Thor: Love And Thunder Tessa Thompson Confirmed The Plot Of The Movie

Thor: Love And Thunder Christian Bale’s Lead Role Is Confirmed

Thor: Love And Thunder passed two good news with Thor movies constant Tessa Thompson later today confirmed in an interview about her return to the movie Thor: Love And Thunder, the sequel of the thor trilogy may be as the woman ruler of the men powered Asgard. 

Thompson was asked if she could tease anything about Taika Waititi‘s upcoming superhero sequel. “I can tease that she’s definitely King of New Asgard when we find her,” the actress replied. “And as was the case in the last four, I would say that she’s a part of an adventure that involved Thor, in the sense that it’s called Thor: Love and Thunder. And I’d say there’s some cool stuff going on. We have some new characters; we have some folks potentially from other pockets of the MCU. And then we have some folks, maybe, that we’ve seen before.”

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The movie is expected to release by the summer of 2022. Meanwhile, the worldwide fandom pages already published hundreds of the possible stories and many already become popular. 

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