Tina Knowles is not OK with Trump’s Calls on Extremists (Proud Boys) to ‘Stand By’

American businesswoman and fashion designer Tina Knowles expressed her feelings towards President Trump’s statement during the Presidential Debate yesterday. Donald Trump during the debate, when asked if he would condemn white supremacists? he tried dodging the question by asking ‘who do you want me to condemn?. Joe Biden suddenly suggested Proud Boys be condemned, Trump declared, “Proud Boys, Stand back and Stand by.”

Tina Knowles on Trump’s ‘Stand By’ command to Extremists

Trump’s Proud Boys “Stand By” words have since been snowballing. Tina Knowles, businesswoman and the mother of singers Beyonce Knowles and Solange Knowles posted a video on Instagram stating her opinions on the issue. She focused on the words ‘stand by’, she complains that Trump didn’t say “Stand Down”. 


Tina wrote “This is for the Black people that support this man ! And will vote for him , and also the Black people who do not plan to vote !! I swear I feel like I am in the movie GET OUT !!!!!!!!

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This is also for you good white people who are his supporters but claim you are not a racist or that you are a good Christian ! I say your choice of a man that you can still justify supporting him after he will not denounce racism.

Tina Knowles on Trump's 'Stand By' command to Extremists
Tina Knowles on Trump’s ‘Stand By’ command to Extremists

Check yourself! In my humble opinion you my friend are a racist!” posting a video of herself watching the debate on television.

Many commented on her post supporting her opinions on the issue.

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