Tina Lawson receives a lovely Mother’s Day wish from Beyonce

Famous American songwriter and singer Beyonce posted a sweet Mother’s Day wish for her superhero in life, Tina Lawson. Beyonce chose a snapshot of her mom assumed to be taken in 1980 accompanied by a caption “MY MAMA WAS A SAVAGE, GOT THIS SH*T FROM TINA.”

The post on Instagram also includes a group of youthful pictures of Tina, which resembled her daughter. Queen Bey, the mother of three children, says she learned the parenting skills from her beloved mom.” Dear Mama, I am thankful for every part of you, and every second I share with you. Thank you for giving me life, and thank you for expanding my consciousness. I would not have been able to do any of what I’ve done in my life without your strength, your wisdom, and your prayers,” wrote Beyonce in the caption.

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Beyonce and Megan Thee Stallion’s new charity song attracted and influenced more people. The quote she used to wish her mom is from her new song. The release of the song has received donations from more than 500 donors in just 24 hours.

Beyonce and Tina
Beyonce and Tina

Tina Lawson, before two days, revealed a piece of happy news to Beyonce’s fans that they all had the coronavirus test. Everyone is safe from the deadly virus, and she is hoping to reunite with her daughter soon. The super mom and daughter are working together to create awareness among the people of Houston about the pandemic and the significance of testing COVID-19 as a way of preventing the spread of disease.

Mother-daughter duo’s social activities have attained a lot of applause and attraction during the pandemic.

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