‘Tom and Jerry’ movie 2020 Trailer: The most celebrated ‘cat and mouse chase’ shall be released soon!

There are no kids in the world who haven’t spend a childhood without experiencing ‘Tom and Jerry’ hues. Now,what happens if their favorite characters are brought out to the world of humans? What will be there role in this 3D world? Well,these imaginations are all set to attain its fruition with the transformation of the ever cherished animated series ‘Tom and Jerry’ on to the big screen. Recently,the trailer released came up with a large hue and cry of positive vibes.

The most anticipated ‘Tom and Jerry’ film trailer is out now! After nearly a few decades the ‘Tom and Jerry’ fans are bestowed with a golden opportunity to witness the age old cat and mouse chase on the big screen. Warner Bros. has unveiled a two-minute first look at its first Tom and Jerry movie on tuesday which finds the iconic duo in real-world New York.

Tom and Jerry movie 2020 Trailer Fan response
Tom and Jerry movie 2020 Trailer Fan response

The official Twitter handle of Tom and Jerry movie shared the trailer. The caption reads, “Tom and Jerry take their cat-and-mouse game to the big screen. Watch the trailer for the new #TomAndJerryMovie now coming to theaters 2021.”

Tom and Jerry Trailer is out!

In the brand new hybrid action comic series Tom & Jerry are in animated outlooks set against the 3D wold of human beings.

The trailer released recently sets up the film’s premise, and gives us a lot of Jerry’s antics at the expense of Tom, which is what audiences are here for after all.

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The Tom and Jerry trailer begins with the song Count On Me by Bruno Mars playing in the background with the narrator saying that Tom and Jerry are ready to ‘start over in a big city’. The 2-minute-24-second long trailer shows the cat and mouse pair in a familiar chase. The events are set in New York city and the nuanced atmosphere of animal vs human conflict is an add on to the cat and mouse chase of the usual Tom and Jerry series.

As far as the history of Tom and Jerry movies are concerned, the last Tom and Jerry film to release was back in 1992. Titled ‘Tom and Jerry’ the Movie, got released on October 1 and was the first film featuring the cat and mouse pair to release in theaters. Back in 1992, we saw Tom and Jerry forgetting their differences and working together as a team after being thrown out of their homes.

But now in the upcoming movie which is slated to be released on March 5th 2021, seems to be a mix of friendship and battle between the duo which is in turn backed up by the human world. There are a lot more.Let’s keep our eyes open and ears wide for more updates!

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