Tom Holland thanks for the love and support for “The Devil All The Time”

Marvel’s Spider-Man star Tom Holland is excited about his new venture in his acting career. His change from a superhero character base to a psychological thriller movie is a big leap to the 24-year-old actor. “The Devil All The Time” is a psychological thriller movie directed by Antonio Campos, in which Tom Holland is playing the character, Arvin Russel.

“The Devil All The Time”: Watch the Trailer Here

After the release of the movie on Netflix Yesterday, Tom Holland posted on Instagram conveying his thanks and love towards everyone who watched the film. He wrote “The love and support for our film The Devil All The Time has been incredible. Thank you to everyone that has given it a watch. It’s been a big step for me in my career and I’m so glad to be finally showcasing it with all of you”

The film “The Devil All The Time” is an adaptation of the novel by an American Writer “Donald Ray Pollock. The plot of the novel follows disparate characters in post-World War 2 Southern Ohio and West Virginia. 

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The movie was released in selected theaters on 11 September and digitally on Netflix on September 16. The film is getting mixed reviews for the performance of Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson who is playing the role of Reverend Preston Teagardin.

The Devil All The Time - Tom Holland
The Devil All The Time – Tom Holland

Tom is getting a good response through comments on his posts. Many wrote praising his performance in the movie as Arvin Russel. Many of his fans are surprised by his new performance, because of its difference to his past movies like SpiderMan and Avengers and all.

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