Top reasons why Ben Shapiro’s Sister gets trolled on Internet

Ben Shapiro!

Ben Shapiro
Ben Shapiro

America’s very own Benjamin Aaron Shapiro who was born on January 15, 1984, is a popular American conservative political commentator and media host. At age 17, he became the youngest nationally syndicated columnist in the United States. He writes columns for Creators Syndicate, Newsweek, and Ami Magazine, serves as editor emeritus for ‘The Daily Wire’, which he founded, and hosts ‘The Ben Shapiro Show’, a daily political podcast and live radio show. He was editor-at-large of Breitbart News between 2012 and 2016. We are here to talk about Abigail Shapiro Ben’s biological sister who is also being trolled vastly in the United States. But she has named herself ‘Classical Abby’ in all her social media accounts and her very own YouTube channel and is indeed the classic type woman who has become a prominent Jewish spokesperson like her brother for the far-right through her YouTube channel. Abigail not only stands by her brother but echoes his worldview, though with a more gentle delivery. Abigail sometimes invites criticism by vocally supporting Ben.

Little Sister Abigail Shapiro

Abigail Shapiro
Abigail Shapiro Image Source Instagram

Abigail ‘Abby’ Shapiro is a Jewish musician turned spokesperson. She is a classically trained ‘Opera Singer’ who has pursued a musical career after attending the Manhattan School of Music. She was born in 1994, in Los Angeles, California to a Jewish family, and was an American Opera Singer, makeup artist. She is a self-described “conservative influencer”. She was most often subjected to internet trolling because of her brother’s high profile and controversial views, mostly the trolls are anti-Semitic and misogynistic. Now that’s the sister of Ben Shapiro. She had released a highly controversial YouTube ad this year which was named “Why I Came Out as Conservative: Conservative Women NEED a Community.” in this ad she had claimed that it was hard for people to express their conservatism because they feared that they might lose their jobs or friends, especially in the creative and artistic industry.

She criticized conservative women describing that they keep their views and opinions “under wraps” and said that conservative women had it harder than conservative men, especially in expressing their anti-abortion views. She claimed that women need to come out as conservative to form a community because she claimed about herself that everything about her including her makeup and clothing came from a “conservative and classic lifestyle”. After which she had announced the launch of her own YouTube Channel, “Classical Abby”, as space for conservative women to form an online community.

What Abby focuses on her YouTube channel and why is she being trolled!

Most of her content focuses on promoting a clearly women-oriented method of conservatism. She already has more than 86,000 subscribers and there is a fairly noticeable difference between her videos that go viral and those which go under unnoticed. The videos that typically get low amounts of involvements are the most positively received though which is absurd. This is clearly noticeable when we check all of Abby’s videos on her YouTube channel. She began creating videos more openly focused on ideas about gender roles, pop culture, and occasionally Judaism too. Till then she had been focusing on fairly harmless topics like makeup and hairstyles. But shows no surprise that her eye-catching styles in her video titles began to draw in far more views.

Within the genre of many conservative female influencers who earnestly praise the value of traditional gender roles, Abby’s Jewish heritage unarguably makes her quite outstanding from other vloggers. While both Christian bloggers and Classically Abby recommend a return to tradition, the most dazzling difference between these two groups is that Abigail in her Classically Abby seemingly isn’t trying to convert anyone to Christianity or Judaism for that matter. Although Abby was raised in Modern Orthodox Judaism and currently identifies as “Orthodox aspiring”, is fairly open about the fact that Judaism is not a religion that seeks out converts.

Yet she does more than simply share her opinions on her social media platforms which seems to show that she assertively win-over them. Apparently, Classically Abby isn’t too different from the average traditionalist blogger, but as one of the few Jewish women in this genre, she occupies a unique position. Still, rather than using her platform to possibly discuss this separation, she positions herself as the authority on how Jewish women and oftentimes women as a social structure, should behave. Due to Ben Shapiro’s unflinching opinions on social, political, and cultural issues, his family is often a target of counterblast. Multiple relatives, including Abigail, have been known to be the victim of harsh and hateful trolling.

Abby’s opinion on Marriages (which are both agreeable and disagreeable)
The Wedding Classically Abby
The Wedding Classically Abby

Abigail thinks conservatives really value marriage. She seems to pull out a ‘Sawhill and Haskins’ theory that if you finish high school, get married before having kids, and work a full-time job. She says it’s great if you are “on the other side of the aisle” and also to love “marriage”. Well, people seem to understand that loving someone so much enough to want to get married to them is reasonable but loving marriage itself, must be a bit odd for most women. It’s like a necessity for conservative women instead of a cherished thing people can do.

Abigail is married to a man who believes in marriage as much as she does. Most certainly they are having a good and healthy marriage. She is married to Jacob with whom she began dating in May 2017, and got married to him after a year in May 2018. She views her marriage and future family as the most important thing in her life. Abby thinks it’s a conservative idea to marry someone who shares your values and she also says a real community is of course families. Abby says being married makes you feel like you have a goal in life, a mission and it makes you less selfish. She argues Long Term Relationships and marriages are very different because marriage is a contract. With children out of wedlock, a parent can just leave and you will leave with a half-finished family structure whereas the marriage keeps you united.

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