Tourism Specials: Where to visit when it snows in San Diego County

The Winter season always atop the favorite seasons for almost every tourist around the globe. And if it is accompanied by snowfall, it would indeed be a magical feast to both our eyes and our soul. San Diego County in California is now witnessing such scenery, a visual treat that nobody would wish to miss. Here’s a tourist guide to all those who are planning to visit the enchanting vibes of snow showers in San Diego County. Let’s dig deep.

Whenever snow settles into San Diego County, the native inhabitants of the area tend to flock to the mountains and East County to enjoy some wintertime fun. There is some important and unavoidable list of places that you must not fail to visit.

Places like Palomar Mountain, Mt. Laguna, Julian local towns like Alpine, Pine Valley, or Santa Ysabel find themselves bustling and playing host to tourists, but also traffic and trash left behind by those stopping in for the snow. Let me give you some tid bits about these tourist destinations

San Deigo Scenic Tour
San Deigo Scenic Tour
  1. Palomar Mountain State Park: Hiking trails and family campsites at Palomar are a great option for enjoying snowfall. When snow hits, it transforms the large pine, fir, and cedar trees into a winter wonderland. Visit Doane Valley Campground or Cedar Grove Group Campground as a stop off to visit the snow and the park’s hiking trails also make great options.
  2. Mt. Laguna: For quick access to snow on Mt. Laguna, stop off at the Mt. Laguna Lodge. Numerous trails, including Big Laguna Trail and Sunset Trail, make the mountain perfect for checking out the snow off the roadside.
  3. Local towns: If you choose to stop in towns such as Alpine, Pine Valley, or Santa Ysabel when snow falls, be considerate of local parking and property. Many residents may have fenced off property, so it’s never recommended that visitors cross into private property or stop on the side of the road.
  4. Julian: When Julian gets snow, locals and tourists flock to the quiet mountain town — and largely residential, so be respectful. While crowds are expected, there are still spots to get in your snow fun. Head over to the town’s community parks, such as William Heise Park, Jess Martin Park, or Julian Memorial Park.

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Having said this, I would like to draw your attention towards some of those things that you should keep in mind while travelling through the snow mountains in order to ensure a safe journey.

San Deigo Outdoor Dining
San Deigo Outdoor Dining

Things you should know while visiting San Diego County

Bal Boa Park
Bal Boa Park
  1. Waste Management: Don’t forget to take trash with you. Careless dumping of waste in the snow mountains can make the cleaning process a risky enterprise.
  2. Essentials: There are some important essentials that you should take along with you while you are visiting San Diego County for tourist purposes. They include Water and snacks (in case if you are struck), Heavy jacket, sweater, gloves, hat or beanie, snow/hiking boots, heavy socks, thermal clothing, Chapstick or sunscreen.
  3. Keep in touch with the Public services department: Keep an eye on the county’s Department of Public Works social media sites for road updates online on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure you’re aware of road conditions and closures.
  4. Don’t get too much excited: As I had mentioned earlier, snow and snow falls are indeed magical and hence can be deceptive. Hence don’t get caught surprised by the weather. Please do keep a track on the weather conditions as there is great chance for it to be fluctuating.
  5. Don’t wreak havoc on the public and private property: Don’t stop off at private property to play in the snow. Visitors need to stick to public lands and off private property, so make sure you know where you’re heading.

Please do keep these things in mind while visiting San Diego snowfalls. Enjoy your winter sports, be safe, and stay happy.

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