Tribute to Pat Patterson: Gerald Brisco Reflects on his Life, Legacy, and Unknown Facts!

Pat Patterson passed away at the age of 79-years-old, and he will be missed by many. Recently the Wrestling world has been mourning the demise of their legendary hero, showering their love and care for the maestro. It is then we have Gerald Brisco, a close alliance of Pat Patterson speaks openly about his friendship with the first-ever IC Champion in an emotional video tribute. Gerald Brisco in the 1990s was synonymous with Pat Patterson because of their work on screen as the stooges to Vince McMahon.

Brisco reminiscences about the good old days that he had with his pal Patterson. Gerald Brisco said that there are few people who become your family in the pro wrestling business, but Pat Patterson was on that list for him. The two shared so many memories in and out of the business, and he will be greatly missed.

Gerald Brisco Reflects on Pat Patterson’s Life, Legacy and Unknown Facts of Pat Patterson
Gerald Brisco Reflects on Pat Patterson’s Life, Legacy and Unknown Facts of Pat Patterson

On the official WWE YouTube channel, Gerald Brisco, spoke about the impact Pat Patterson had on the industry and in Gerald’s personal life through the years.

“You work in this business, you travel the roads. You go up and down them, you meet people, you become acquainted with people, a lot of people, a lot of fans, a lot of talent, a lot of crew, you become acquainted with. There’s very few people that you can say that after a few years, that they’re family to you. Pat was family. Heaven is a beautiful place Pat there, laughing and telling his corny jokes,” said Gerald. “Pat Patterson was just a colossal character of a human being in our profession. He had so much knowledge. Working with Pat was like working with an encyclopedia, you could ask him a question about any time, any era, in any town and he had a story. He saw the history of our business, the impact that he’s had on World Wrestling Entertainment throughout its inception is so valuable. To me, he was the most wonderful person and the most giving person. Pat was one of those guys that just gave you everything that you ever asked for and more. This business was Pat Patterson. Pat was a businessman 24/7. But Pat loved to have his good times.”

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Pat Patterson’s Demise:“Heaven’s a beautiful place with Pat there laughing and telling his corny jokes,” Brisco said.

He continued, “You make friendships, and when you make a friendship, you know it’s true — a true friendship, true bond, because we go through so many rough times on the road and away from your family and your friends. But Pat was always there and if you were down, Pat could read you, Pat had a special special trait about him where he knew that something was wrong with you and he would get out and pull that out of you. He was magic like that.

“You weren’t a friend of Pat Patterson’s, you were a brother to Pat. Whether you’re a sound technician, a cameraman, our producer, director. It didn’t matter. Pat Patterson was your friend for life and he would stick up for you.”

This was an emotional tribute from Brisco as WWE cut clips together that showed him and Patterson during many events.The two will forever be linked particularly because of their roles as The Stooges and in a multitude of ways.

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