Trina Solar preparing a mass production of their 500W+ Modules

China: Chinese panel maker company Trina Solar a dominant provider of integrated PV modules and smart energy solutions announced the pilot line for the mass production of the 500W+ Duomax V and Tallmax V (“V series”) modules. The event is an incredible waymark achieved by the company this year after the global launch of the V series on February 27.

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Trina reporting a conversion efficiency of 21% for each product, the modules include ‘large-format’ 210mm silicon wafers and the manufacturer’s multi-busbar technology. It comes in two versions he Duomax V bifacial double-glass modules and Tallman V back sheet modules.and can be connected to photovoltaic designs. With multi-busbar solar modules made of 210mm cells- as well as laminated welding equipment capable of handling mass production.

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Yin Rongfang Trina Solar vice general manager and executive vice president said the 500W+ V series modules had increased their level of performance in the field of technological improvement and manufacturing process, including product integration and downstream systems. We could grab full attention and recognition between media, customers, and industry colleagues on behalf of the launch- It perceives a value growth of the whole photovoltaic industry, also leading the industry to solar 5.0 era. And an advantageous market for ultra-high power modules.

Trina Solar
Trina Solar

The Duomax V bifacial double-glass modules have carried out the TUV Rheinland photovoltaic module IEC test and been acknowledged with IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 PV module performance standards certificates.

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