Trucks with mortal remain found in Newyork amid Covid-19 Pandemic

A truck loaded with dead bodies has found in New York, lookers-on complaint due to foul smell came from

A funeral home named Andrew T Cleckley Home in Brooklyn hired trucks and had put 50 corpses refrigerated. Still, due to technical problems, the freezer stopped working, which lead to decomposing the bodies, one official quoted anonymously in the New York Times.

Truck with Mortal remain: Watch the Visuals

Funeral home says they are struggling to bury or cremate the piled-up bodies.

Police later sealed the vehicle and replaced a refrigerated truck. With the help of workers in protective suits moved the bodies.

It’s vague whether the mortal remains were victims of the coronavirus. New York City is the epicenter for the coronavirus pandemic, the worst affected city in the U.S.; hence the city’s funeral homes are flooded.

The death rate has crossed 18,000 in New York City alone, according to Johns Hopkins University data. The U.S. as worst-hit cases for coronavirus rather than any other country.

“ While this situation is under investigation, we should not have what we have right now, with trucks lining the streets with bodies, “ he later told the New York Daily News.

Coronavirus death toll rises
Coronavirus death toll rises

Mr. Adams said they were alerted by “people who walked by who saw some leakage and detected an odor coming from a Vehicle ,”

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