True Confessions by ‘Dolly Parton’ to be streamed on ‘Tonight Show by Jimmy Fallon’!

‘Tonight Show by Jimmy Fallon’ is coming up with some new and variegated fun time with esteemed celebrities. Recently, the show garnered more love and audience with the Virtual Dance Battle with Jojo Siwa on February 3rd. Now its none other than the great inspirational gem ‘Dolly Parton’!

Prominently known for music, Dolly Parton is also acknowledged for her inspirational quotes and mantras. Recently the 4 important life lessons provided by Dolly Parton had inspired many. Now that she has planned to visit the ‘Tonight Show’ and that too for ‘True Confessions!’ More fun to follow.

The official Twitter post of the ‘Tonight Show’ announced the news recently and the audience are eagerly rooting for the singer.

Tonight Show by Jimmy Fallon


#SuperBowl Puppy Predictors
True Confessions w/ @DollyParton & @NoahCent

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Tonight Show by Jimmy Fallon to account life lessons from Dolly Parton!

All the audience are zealously anticipating to witness the ‘True Confessions’ by Dolly Parton. What is she going to confess?

No more spoilers. Let’s wait and watch!

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