Trump Administration is Considering Banning Tiktok

Donald Trump said that his administration is looking at whether to shutdown Tiktok in the United States. It is feared that Tiktok can be used by the Chinese government to spy on Americans.

Tiktok, a video sharing application based in China, has an estimated 80 million American users and one billion worldwide.

Trump to ban TikTok in the US: Watch to Know Why

  • US officials have raised concerns about the Chinese government taping into American’s smartphones using such applications. Republican senator Josh Hawling passed a bill that would ban the federal employees from using the app in their government devices.
  • Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that Tiktok is being looked at by the Committee on Foreign Investigation in the US.

Recently, Joe Biden’s presidential campaign banned staffers from using this app, citing privacy and security concerns. On Monday Dana Remus, Biden’s general counsel ordered in a memo to delete Tiktok from both their official and personal phones.

Tiktok has not yet responded to Trump’s and Mnuchin’s statement. But earlier, it pushed back all the accusations calling them ‘maligning attacks’.

Also, he declared that if not Sold, Tiktok and WeChat will be Banned.

Tiktok CEO, Kevin Mayer said that these attacks are trying to put an end to their presence in the US. Mayer also added” We are not political advertising and have no agenda — our only objective is to remain a vibrant, dynamic platform for everyone to enjoy”, “Tiktok has become the latest target, but we are not the enemy.”

Tiktok CEO also claims that it has established a policy on transparency and would disclose its internal algorithms further than others.

TikTok Pull out from Hong Kong
TikTok Pull out from Hong Kong

Tiktok is facing worldwide scrutiny accusing of privacy and security of the users. However, Tiktok claims that it’s data is not subject to Chinese law. The company denies the central claim that it is closely tied to the Chinese Communist Party.

All this started when its parent company Beijing ByteDance Technology Co, was inspected by CFIUS over its $1 billion purchase of app.

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