Trump applauds Apple – Google contract tracing but voices ‘constitutional problems’

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Apple and Google have announced earlier about the contract tracing tool which will help individuals to know whether they are exposed to any person with COVID – 19.

It will be an application program that helps to regulate the distance between Android and IOS. The system is merged with public health agencies and provides information to exposure to any individual with Coronavirus.

The President was asked about the contract on Monday evening during the press briefing and said it was amazing but stated constitutional problems. He said about the people’s worries that can be caused by checking their privacy matters.

“It’s an amazing thing, and it would be, actually, but a lot of people have some very big constitutional problems with it. We have more of a constitutional problem than a mechanical problem. That’s something we are going to be discussing with a lot of people over the next four weeks. This contract tracing would be a very accurate way of doing it but a lot of people have a problem with it.”

Trump couldn’t speak out the actual problem, but both Apple and Google have made clear about their solution, and they offer a high level of transparency. There will also be the second phase of contract tracing, where it will be at a system level and will work on an opt-in basis.