Trump Reveals the Three-Phase Plan and decisions to Governors

Trump Calls it to Governors
Trump Calls it to Governors

“Opening up America Again” is the three-phase plan where governors can handle the process on each state and get help from the federal government. The President is setting out a deliberate approach to put back normal activities as he says, ” America wants to be free and Americans wat to be free.”

He said the state could make their decision whether to open or close, which was just the opposite he spoke on Monday. He also mentioned about the reopening of the U.S. economy would be taken step by step. The health and functioning of the economy should also be preserved.

As the plan says, places with low infections would begin a three-phased plan reopening schools for 14 days. The plan is to return to normalcy through each step.

Phase One includes avoid traveling and not gathering in groups and strictly wearing face masks.

Phase Two is planning when everything goes all right after 14 days from Phase 1. The travel avoiding continues, but schools can reopen.

In Phase Three, the states were the infection is low are allowed public gatherings, and works in sites can continue. The bars can increase its room capacity.

In places with more infection, it takes a lot more time for a three-phase plan to happen.

“You are going to call your own shots.” You are going to run it, and we will be helping you”, Trump informed the governors.

Some health experts and governors have opposed the reopening of the economy, but Trump has started to get the U.S. economy going with some states. Healthy citizens can come to work by preventing social distancing and to stay home if unwell.

There are three phases, but it does not go to a final stage where healthy life is described. Now the call is up to the governors for decisions.