Trump comes up with a Video Criticism against Bidden

Washington DC: The US President Donald Trump comes up with video criticism against the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Bidden at his Twitter account. As the elections are coming to the conflict between both the parties continues in different ways, especially in social media and this post comes as a part of Election Strategy.

The video posted by Donald Trump in his Twitter account focuses on the allegations against Joe. It says “47 years of Bidden at Washington is 47 years of failure”. The 30-sec short video continues with other charges like an increase in the price of health care, and drugs, higher taxes on working families, Disastrous Trade deals, Joe’s shipping to China and Mexico is also said as a total failure. Joe’s policies are referred as the “failed policies of Left radicals” as well.

Trump followers are much happy now as the president himself comes up against Joe with this strong allegations and the video is being spread vastly in social media accounts. There are many reviews supporting the post.

Bidden’s speech against Trump, last night at Demconvention

Yesterday during Bidden’s first public address he mentioned Trump’s ruling period as the darkest period of America he also promises that he will bring up the pre-economic status of the country as it was before the pandemic. He also said to end all the problems in America. This video would revoke the thoughts of many and indeed a great challenge to Biden. Making a negative impact on the people’s mind would be a great loss for Biden.

The American society awaiting for the future elections as there would be critical Judgement for the next president. The elections campaigns are done virtually with the help of social media accounts and live Programmes due to the pandemic. This election would decide the future of America and would be a turning point.

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