Trump Vows to Sue Nevada to Stop Mail-In Ballots

President Donald Trump pledged at a White House briefing on Monday, that he would sue Nevada after the state’s Democratic Lawmakers passed a bill allowing its active voters to vote through mail ahead of November’s presidential election in taking in account of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Trump had already threatened legal action earlier in the day, suggesting mailed ballots become a disadvantage for the Republicans to win the November general election.

Watch: Trump Against Mail-In-Ballots

Trump claimed that voting by mail would lead to widespread incidents of voters fraud. He called this move as an “illegal late-night coup”. “Post Ofice could never handle the Traffic on Mail-In Votes without preparation. Using COVID to steal the state. See you in Court!”

Nevada’s Democratic lawmakers approved the bill on Sunday allowing mail-in ballots to voters. If Steve Sisolak (Democratic governor, Nevada), signs the bill, Nevada will become the third state after California and Vermont to opt for mail-in ballots this year. Utah, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington already conduct their election entirely through mail-in-ballots, while California, Vermont has decided to do so this year due to the Pandemic. 

Along with this Trump also made a statement against Mail-In Ballots, criticizing the credibility of Presidential election.

Nevada mailed ballots to voters in advance of its primary election in June and Encouraged residents not to risk in-person voting. Most of Nevada’spolling stations were closed, which led to hours of waiting in Las Vegas.

“During this global pandemic, I made a commitment that we’d do all we can to allow Nevadans to safely cast a ballot in the upcomingNovember election,” Sisolak tweeted after signing the bill.

Trump against Mail-In Ballots
Trump against Mail-In Ballots

Trump raised a series of questions about the honesty of the election. Last week, he suggested delaying the election due to the likelihood of fraud, though he does not possess the authority to do so. But Republican political operatives support vote-by-mail. And Election experts say that voter fraud of any kind, including incidents related to mail-in ballots, is rare…

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