Trump wishes “Happy Mothers Day” by Sharing his Mother’s opinion and First lady’s Service

Trump wishes mother's day
Trump wishes mother's day

President Trump wishes moms across the nation a “Happy Mother’s Day” this weekend and reveals about his Mother and First lady service as Mother.

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On Friday, he shares his thinking about his own late mother’s opinion of him and saying she thought he “couldn’t do any wrong”.

Trump love his Mother

During an interview with ‘Fox & Friends,’ he said, “I had a great mom. I loved my mom, and she loved me, which is probably not easy to do”.

“She was so good to me. I couldn’t do any wrong, which is a big problem. Maybe that’s why I ended up the way I ended up. I don’t know. I couldn’t do any wrong in her eyes.

President Wishes Mother’s day

On twitter President posted HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!.

Melania as great Mother

Trump claims, “My mother was a terrific woman, and Melania has been a great mother to Barron,” Trump said. “Barron is growing up, really beautiful, and she’s been a great mother to Barron.” President give special gift to Melania on her birthday.

The president said he would be spending the holiday weekend with first lady Melania at Camp David in Maryland, where he also expected to meet with the Joint Chiefs of Staff.