Trump’s impeachment inquiry is ‘a lie,’ Says Jon Voight and calls Robert De Niro’s backlash ‘wrong’

Jon Voight says US First Person Donald Trump’s impeachment inquiry is “a lie.”

In an interview with Fox News, the actor and Trump supporter, 80, revealed his thoughts on the current political news during “The Ingraham Angle” Monday.

“It’s the culmination of the commitment to take down this president,” Voight told during the inquiry, also he adds that it’s a way of “exposing the truth.”

Watch: Jon Voight Reflects about Trump’s Impeachment

He added “I look at the statements of Nancy Pelosi, I look at this fellow Schiff, Adam Schiff. It’s pretty clear there is something wrong here. These people are not well, and the audience is seeing the bottom line just as they’re seeing the bottom line with these debates.

One ridiculous statement after another.”

When asked about Robert De Niro and some other’s outspoken backlash towards Trump, Voight told: “perhaps they’ll come to an understanding that that’s wrong.”

He accepted when he was “back in the ’60s,” he tended towards “that kind of thinking.”

“It’s nice to be a revolutionary, iconoclast when you’re a young person, you think you’re doing something brand new… and you don’t look at the real result of all of this, youthful energies,” he said.”Arrogance, arrogance.”

Last week, Trump honored Voight with the National Medal of Arts. Also, earlier, Jon Voight had mad a statement that Trump would the presidency once again, no matter what.

As musicians inside the East Room played lines of “middle of the night Cowboy,” Voight, who starred in the Academy award-prevailing 1969 movie, rose from his seat, dancing and sliding across the makeshift stage.

Trump grinned and clapped, giving a tremendous shake of the fist as Voight reclaimed his seat.

“I love having you here, especially since you are someone I really like,” Trump told, cheering the actor’s great performances in films from “Mission: Impossible” to “The Champ” – the latter of which he called one of the superb boxing movies in history.

Deadline spotted Voight’s son, James Haven, in attendance, though daughter Angelina Jolie, a U.N. special envoy who has passionately advocated for women’s worldwide equality and refugees, was absent.

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