U.S: Handful of States move towards reopening, Death toll tops 51.000

Atlanta: With the U.S Covid-19 death toll crossing 50,000 and nearly thousands lose their jobs, Georgia, Oklahoma, and several other states took temporary steps at reopening businesses on Friday, despite disfavor from President Donald Trump and medical experts.

U.S Public Places to be opened

Hair Salons. Fitness centers, tattoo parlors, and some other workplaces were allowed to open by Georiga Governer “Brain Kemp,” going against the warning from public health officials, regulating precautionary measures from public health could lead to more infections and death.

While the Coronovirus pandemic has been killing thousands of Americans daily. Stay at home restrictions and business closures have made millions of people jobless, this raise in the level of unemployment, not seen since the Great depressions in the 1930s.

“We’ve been hunting real bad,” said Lester Crowell, co-owner and manager of the Three-13 hair salon in suburban Atlanta, which reopened after 33 days. I had to dip into my own bank account to keep the lights on here.”

Besides the stake in revenue, some merchants fear to take a chance to resume business. Shay Cannon, the owner of Liberty Tatoo in Atlanta, said he would reopen his shop in May by appointment only and expected normalcy until June or later.

“We are just watching the number and doing what seems right to us,” Canon told Reuters.

Apart from Georgia, even Oklahoma was letting some retailers resume business. Florida permitted its beaches to open a week ago.

Trump hopes that COVID-19 vaccine could be available this year and has given assorted signals about how and when the country should begin to get back to work, White House had issued federal guidelines inculcated by health experts, But a reversal happened by Republican Kemp’s moves to reopen several states.

Later, President Trump triggered a state of doubt over prospects for Covid-19 treatments, suggesting scientists should research whether it’s curable by ingesting disinfection or being bathed in ultraviolet light.

Covid Vaccine
Covid Vaccine

U.S Representative Doug Collins, a Georgia Republican, said restarting commerce on Friday was sending mixed messages.

“Everyone’s supposed to be staying home, but yet we’re opening up these businesses,” Collins told Fox News. He cited the guidelines calling for states to register a two-week decline in Coronavirus cases before easing restrictions, and said parts of Georgia were still struggling to treat patients.

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