UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson returns to work tomorrow

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson

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UK Prime minister Boris Johnson affected with Corona Virus last few weeks. After Corona’s treatment, Boris Johnson will return to his office tomorrow. UK Prime Minister has hospitalized with coronary artery disease. After recovering, he returned home a week ago and currently staying in his retirement home.

Boris Johnson

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who has been standing in for him during his absence, said he was “raring to go”. The PM spent a week in the hospital, including three nights in intensive care, after being admitted on 5 April. During his hospitalization, he received regular oxygen treatment to help his breathing.

After he discharged on 12 April, Mr. Johnson suggested his condition “could have gone either way” and praised the staff at St Thomas’ Hospital in central London who looked after him. He has not been doing any official government work during his convalescence at Chequers, on medical advice. Corona virus deaths in the UK now exceed 20 thousand. The UK is the fifth most corona affected country in the world. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson returns to his office tomorrow morning.

Earlier on Friday, he engaged in a three-hour consultation with Foreign Secretary Dominique Rapp and Vander Rishi Sunik on the continuation of his official duties and further actions. Mr. Johnson is reportedly chiefly concerned about the second wave of coronavirus infections. At Friday’s summit, Mr. Johnson quoted Cicero, the Roman statesman, saying that “the health, or welfare, of the people, should be the supreme law,” according to the Sunday Telegraph. For more politics news click here.