UK’s Imperial college promises low-cost vaccine; China’s first jab by autumn

Covid 19 Vaccine latest Update: UK’s Imperial College to enter one and two for the human clinical trials on June 15. China is ready with its first vaccine for use by autumn.

Covid-19 latest Vaccine update: While there is research held globally, a way to stop the spread of Coronavirus, there seems to be a battle going on between the US and China over which country can immunize their people first. As of June 9th Covid-19 has affected more than 7 million people globally and 406,225 deaths.

Watch: Vaccine Updates From Imperial college

Recently President Donald Trump said the US had already produced two million doses that are “ready to go” If they “check out for safety”, China recently revealed that the country could Covid-19 vaccine as early as autumn.

Apart from this, the other developments like scientists from London’s Imperial College promise to come up with a low-cost vaccine early as next year. Additionally, Panacea Biotec said it was setting up a joint venture by partnering with a US-based firm in Ireland Refana Inc to develop a vaccine.

These UK enterprises will fight disease, create thousands of jobs, and fast-track scientific advances. We are determined to both defeat the current Coronavirus and improve the world’s readiness to fight pandemics for generations to come” said Alice Gast, President of Imperial College London.

imperial college london
Imperial College London

Additionally, India is also on its full-fledged research, hence it has pledged $15 million to Gave, the international vaccine alliance. Prime Minister Narendra Modi made an announcement during the Virtual Global Vaccine Summit hosted by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Addressing the summit, Prime Minister Modi said, “ Our support to Gavi is not only financial. India’s huge demand brings down the global price of vaccines.”

As of now, globally there are 224 candidate vaccines in development, as per the data by the coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations(CEPI). It’s North America with the largest number of projects is 49 percent, China all ahead with five vaccines in phase II human trials, rather than any other country. Even Britains AstraZeneca, last week said it started an experimental AZD1222 vaccine developed by Oxford University, an Italian based renowned pharmaceutical Company, Moderna is on the sequence of the phases to confront.

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