Uncontrolled Epidemic: Wacken Open Air 2020 discarded

COVID-19 seems to have snatched the entertainment of music buffs out there. Earlier, with the cancelling of the Forecastle Music Festival 2020, the music lovers are doomed to bottomless pit of sorrow. And now its followed by yet another unpleasant news. The music lovers listen to it with melancholy as Wacken organizers cancel the world’s largest music festival. The German government has banned all events until August 31 due to COVID- 19.

The tickets, which were sold within minutes when announced was supposed to happen between July 30 and August 1, which comes under a restricted period. The show where more than 150 artists perform across eight stages witnessed by 75,000 inside has now been abandoned.

Wacken Festival 2020 shall never see the day of light: Know Why

“Dear Metalheads, Yesterday, the German government decided that due to the Coronavirus pandemic, no mass gatherings will be allowed until August 31, 2020. We are facing an unprecedented situation in our 30 years: It is with heavy hearts that we have to announce that there will be no Wacken Open Air this year. Our whole team has been working intensively on the festival these last months, and the more all of us are bitterly disappointed that we are not allowed to celebrate a Wacken Open Air with you. This administrative order affects us heavily, and we will need some time to process the bad news”- goes their Facebook post. They ended with the lines:

“Stay healthy – In Metal We Trust!”

Wacked Open Air 2020 cancelled
Wacked Open Air 2020 cancelled

Concerning about Wacken Open Air 2021 and the bought tickets, the authorities ask for a bit patience as they promise to sort out this unpredictable situation.

The question still remains as to when public gatherings will return as the California Governor Gavin Newsom calculated that public meetings can happen only after a preventive vaccine is invented.

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