‘Unique Manicure’ by Cardi B made her fans uncomfortable!

Cardi B, the renown singer who has recently released her brand new single ‘UP’, is always admired and discerned for her ‘unique’ and nuanced mode of lifestyle and fashion sense. Her skin fit ensembles, embellished with glitters and odd shades have always caught the public eye. Be it her costume, hairstyle, nails or heels, she is always celebrated as a trendsetter in every terms.

Recently, the video snippet released by Cardi B on her latest album ‘UP’ was hotly debated primarily due to her spicy skin fit ensemble.

Experimenting in the fashion world and bringing out her own signature styles isn’t a new affair for Cardi B. Of late, the singer has come up with something novel, a peculiar manicure which she addresses as ‘unique’ but has made her fans feel uncomfortable in every sense.

The singer has shared an image of her brand new ‘unique manicure’ which caused an uncanny sensation in her fan followers.

“I wanted a unique manicure.I love it,” posted Cardi B.

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Cardi B’s new Manicure caused an uncanny feel to her fans!

In this ‘unique manicure’ her hands lack nails, exposing the skin within the nails, resulting in awful visual experience.

Cardi B
Cardi B

Many came commenting their uncomfortable reactions seeing the ‘unique manicure’ done by Cardi B. They openly admitted that they are frustrated and defiant seeing this innovative yet nasty trend and has even equated it to the face of Voldemort, the famous nose-less villain in ‘Harry Potter’, commenting that even he had nails on his fingers.

However, Cardi B has shamelessly admitted that she ‘loves it’. The fans are left dumbfounded! After all, what is she up to?

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