‘UP’: Pre-order is now available on Cardi B’s Website

Cardi B had been pulling herself together for something special for the past few days. Recently, the singer gave an anxiety bomb when she posted on her Instagram page about some special announcement to be made the other day. This opened up a barrage of questions from her fan followers who even jumped to conclusion that she was pregnant!

But in reality the announcement turned out to be something concerning her new single album ‘UP.’

Now that the news about her album ‘UP’ is heartily welcomed by the majority, she is off to yet another surprise.

Recently, she took to her Instagram to announce the news that ‘UP’ is now available for pre order on her website.

Up available for pre order

“UP & ITS STUCK CD #2 preorder is live now on my website,” posted the singer.

Dressed in a silver barely there outfit that is by far more skin than fabric, the singer has created a torrential ripple among the fans.

Cardi B’s new Single ‘UP’ to be Released on Friday!

First Look Poster of ‘UP’

Right before this as soon the announcement was made she came up with a seductive first look poster that had caused waves all throughout the social media platforms.

Cardi B
Cardi B

However, there is no further news about the whereabouts of the upcoming album. Anyways, let’s stay tuned to dig deep beneath the carpets.

Wait for something even more seductive in the coming days. The world awaits!

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