US Election 2020: The New Venture of Alicia Keys will be released soon!

Elections are always backed up by huge celebrations and bustles. Such is the condition in the US. As the 2020 Presidential Elections are fast approaching the US celebrities are coming forward with new ventures and ideas to foster a happy and healthy polling process.

Recently Alicia Keys was found with the ballot smashing video released in relation to the elections. The star has now come up with a joint venture with her friend cum sisters voicing the importance of voting suggesting that ‘every vote counts’. The news about this novel collaborative project was announced by the star through her Instagram Page.

The Energetic celebration of Democracy by Alicia Keys will be out on Thursday!

“Throwing this party with my sisters @americaferrera and @kerrywashington  to celebrate our democracy and bring you that good energy!!! #EveryVoteCounts⁣. This Thursday on @cbstv. It’s going to be a vibe.⁣ Meet us there!!”-wrote the star. 

The hour-long special, ‘Every Vote Counts – A Celebration of Democracy’, will air on Thursday, Oct. 29 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS and its All Access streaming platform, iHeartMedia radio stations and apps, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Apple Music and TV, Amazon Music, Twitch, NowThis, Tidal and other platforms.

Alicia Keys New Show
Alicia Keys New Show

The highly spirited Alicia Keys is with the gorgeous actresses America Ferrera,and Kerry Washington shall be premiered via CBS TV on Thursday. Further information about the show is not yet revealed. However one can be assured of the fact the programme will be spiced with fun and merriment. Hopefully an entertainer to exonerate the crowd from the election bustles.

The upcoming venture has put all her fans under the grip of suspense which is best revealed through the responses shared by them for the post. Is it a sitcom? or something else are some of the questions hotly debated in connection with the post. However, the hopes are lit up to welcome the three marvelous ladies to their living room to celebrate Democracy to the fullest!

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