US Election hassles: Trump calls Dr. Fauci a ‘disaster’!

Dr Fauci and Trump
Dr Fauci and Trump

Trump’s election campaign turned out to be a platform for bickering with his verbal attacks against Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert. Being at loggerheads with the public health department, Trump has been continuously contemptuous against the growing pandemic situations in his country.

Of late, in his campaigns, he publicaly addressed Dr. Fauci as a”disaster”saying every time he goes on television there is a “bomb”.  He stated that ‘People were tired of hearing Fauci and all these idiots -these people that have gotten it wrong”. He also exclaimed sarcastically that “Fauci is a nice guy. He’s been there for 500 years. He called every one of them wrong. And he’s like this wonderful guy, a wonderful sage telling us how” to respond to the pandemic.

Trump’s Election campaign attacked Dr.Fauci

Along with this Trump also analysed Fauci’s earliest remarks on mask wearing and restricting journey from China which he considers as utterly foolish and irrelevant advice. “And yet we keep him” he said, reducing Fauci’s presence as inconsequential and unbearable.

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Towards the end he also diverted his attack against Biden. “This is all a choice between getting a safe vaccine,or really a lock down. You know Biden wants to lock it down,he wants to listen to Dr. Fauci” said Trump. A skilfully crafted election tactic indeed!