US Electric Vehicle Giant Tesla’s India Plan Confirmed In Five States As Per Elon Musk Two-Word Tweet

The Electric Vehicle Maker Tesla will first enter the Indian market with sales with a future plan for manufacturing as per the demand for the vehicles by the public. 

Elon Musk has confirmed his India plans for Tesla centers in five states with a two-word tweet. “ As promised,” wrote the Chief Executive Elon Musk in a thread linking to a blog that says cars will be expensive but will be affordable even among the Indian middle class once the company starts manufacturing in the country. 

Find below Elon Musk’s first reaction once the news of Tesla registering an office in Bengaluru on Tuesday. 

Elon Musk has several times in recent years tweeted about his India plans. In October, he said, “Next Year for sure” in reply to a post with photographs in Tshirt with the  message: “India wants Tesla.”

As per the Tasmanian blog, The company is in talks with five states to open stores, an office, an R&D center, and a factory for production. It also highlights Tesla’s focus on a “wealthy segment” in a country where there are vast economic disparities. 

“ Many people assume that if most of the country’s population is poor,  then there is no market for Tesla, However, they need to understand that the company is not aimed at selling cars to the entire population of India, In fact, out of 1.387 billion people, the producer is targeting a smaller but a rather wealthy segment of the population,” mentioned in the blog. 

The blog explains that the Indian market is a suitable platform for Tesla’s development and many rich people who can afford to buy the car are waiting for several years for the company to come. 

“ At the moment, due to the high tariffs in India, Tesla cars will be expensive, Nevertheless, if the company has its own production, it will reduce the cost of cars to an acceptable level, which will make them more affordable. Thus, at some point, Tesla cars may become affordable for the middle class as well.” says the blog. 

As per previous reports the Electric company had originally planned its India entry back in 2016 and even accepted orders from Indian customers but need to postponed due to a change in import policies. 

Tesla Model In India 

As per later reports, the company will begin operations in India with the Model 3 Sedan and is likely to be priced between Rs 55 to 60 lakh. The model will be in CBU( Completely Built Unit) promising a top speed of 250kmph and a range of about 500km on a single charge.

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