UPS, FedEx Warn they can’t carry ballots like US Postal Service

The United Parcel Service Inc and FedEx Corp said they could not carry mail-in-ballots like the US Postal Service, which is warning of potentially “significant” delays. In order to consider ballots valid, it needs to be postmarked, and only US Postal Service votes which was recently opposed by President Trump, is allowed to do that. FedEx said it does not accept individual votes. 

US Postal Service and Trump

President Donald Trump said on Thursday he opposed providing funds for the struggling US Postal Service for mail voting, which is possibly going to rise to 50% as the pandemic rages ahead of the November 3 presidential election. The US Postal Service has written 46 states and the District of Columbia warning that there is a potential risk voter might not have enough time to complete and return their ballots. 

David Rothkopf, author, and radio host tweeted on Thursday, saying this was a big opportunity for UPS and FedEx to deliver ballots for free. He said UPS and FedEx could become the most beloved and respected organization in America. 

US Postal Service
US Postal Service

Various US laws and regulations prohibit the participation and handling of mail-in ballots by private delivery companies. With the exceptions of “extremely urgent” by deliveries on the day to election day.

Former Arizona election official and senior adviser to the Democracy Fund foundation said the collection of mail-in ballots would be prohibited and would consider “ballot harvesting.” These companies are already coping with the pandemic related surge in e-commerce shipments they are trying to overcome. For example, the US Postal Service is in touch with all the US mailbox six days a week. Private delivery companies only visit areas where they have delivery or a pre-arranged pickup. Private companies do not have full coverage in rural areas.

There would be a drastic increase in domestic costs since private delivery companies charge more for deliveries compared to the price of a 55-cent stamp.

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