US Space conference aims to explore and dominate space

The virtual US Space conference hosted by Newspace New Mexico has active plans for extending the leadership of the US in space.

The Newspace New Mexico hosted a virtual workshop ‘State of Space Industrial Base 2020’ from May 4-7. It brought together over 150 stakeholders of different industries to obtain recommendations on future space explorations and planning how to expand the leadership of the US in space.

Casey DeRaad, CEO of Newspace New Mexico, during the virtual conference, commented on the significance of plans that has to be deployed for the development and ultimate growth of spacial areas, which in turn benefit the nation’s security. The host partnered with The US Space Force, Defence Innovation Unit, and Air Force Research Laboratory to strengthen the space innovation base.

As the nation is tussling with the COVID-19 pandemic, the virtual workshop gained respect and attraction across the country and all areas of space. The four-day conference covered fields like administration, information services, resource assembling, and more.

Various recommendations regarding the economy of the industries, developing a framework on the wealth and security of the nation. On the one hand, the nation confronts the deadly virus as the death toll reached 80,000 and, on the other hand, building the foundation for its economic and technological development, which paves the way for the country’s well being.

NASA also announced it will hold a press conference at Kennedy Space Centre on May 20, 2020, with the two NASA astronauts regarding the SpaceX Demo 2, which will be launched on May 27.

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