Virgin River Exclusives: What happened to Mel’s husband? What is her role behind his death?

‘Virgin River’, the hallmark-shaded saga of true love, has been at its hiatus of wider viewership. The ever-blooming, passionate love story of Jack and Mel has traversed through two seasons full of ‘mystery’ and ‘history’. Both the characters, overshadowed and conquered by the fear of their bleak and acidic past find it hard to welcome their future together. The unforgettable history with her husband’s untimely death has been feeding Mel recurrently even in her presence. But what happened to Mark, Mel’s husband? Why is it haunting her repeatedly? Well, here’s the answer!

Virgin River revolves around the story of nurse/midwife Melinda Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge). Mel arrives in the small, tight-knit town in search of a fresh start, but for much of season one, her past remains a mystery, only to be unveiled through a series of dramatic flashbacks. Soon she becomes close to a local bar owner Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson). However, the sparkling ‘engagement ring’ that she has on her finger triggered an array of questions about her love life , marriage and her omniscient husband. But the more she is enquired about it the more she becomes indifferent and secretive.

Virgin River Season 2 Reviews and Responses
Virgin River Season 2

Virgin River: Why did Mel sacrifice her ‘Engagement Ring’?

As far as season is concerned, the story offers a jumbled narration with a proper mix of her flashback life with Mark as well as her present life without him. Unwinding her mysterious past one can easily find out the fact that Mel and her husband, sailor/doctor Mark (Daniel Gillies), were happily expecting a baby, only to have the pregnancy end in a stillbirth. As a result, Mel suffers from depression. The couple undergoes infertility treatment without success. Mel wants to continue the treatments, but Mark is ready to stop, seeing the toll it is taking on his wife and their marriage. They gets into an argument in the car while Mark is driving, and he takes his eyes off the road and gets in a horrific car accident, and ultimately dies at the hospital. Mel feels responsible for these heartbreaking events.

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This unexpected blow caused due to her husband’s death has left her devastated which even prevents her from expressing her feelings for Jack. Life appears to be a hard nut to crack for Mel as she is to face problems one after the other. Grappling with her feelings for Jack on one side and the death anniversary of Mark fast approaching, Mel finds it challenging to make a choice.

Virgin River Season 2 long awaited first night of Mel and Jack
Virgin River Season 2 long awaited first night of Mel and Jack

It is during this time we have the arrival of Mark’s sister Stacie (Melinda Dahl) which in turn makes things all the more convoluted. She’s engaged and wants Mel to return her engagement ring, which was a family heirloom. Can Mel put her past behind her to find a second chance at love with Jack? Will she be able to choose what is right for her? Jack or Mark? Let’s find out more about it in ‘Virgin River Season 3‘.

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