Virgin River Season 2: Who shot Jack? Wild guesses of fans are finally answered!

‘Virgin River season 2’ has come to a cliffhanger ending! Our hero Jack is shot! Will he survive? Will he be there in season 3? Who shot him and for what? These are some of the growing suspense left by the final episode of season 2. Fans have grown restless at the unanswered questions that they seem to come up with their own conclusions and possible surmises. Even Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson, who play Mel and Jack respectively, addressed everyone’s biggest question right now: Who shot Jack

Towards the end of season 2 life has thrown multiple hurdles before Jack and Mel. The bombshell unboxed by his girlfriend Charmaine regarding her pregnancy has put the love affair of the duo to be nothing but an unanswered question mark! What next? was something that has left them bemused and it is during this clueless moment Jack is shot by a stranger. Who is he? Why was he shot? Well here are some responses from the fans.

While some of them are disturbed about Jack being shot others are keeping an eye on Charmaine!

Virgin River Exclusives on the real love life of Mel and Jack
Virgin River Exclusives on the real love life of Mel and Jack

Virgin River: Will Jack survive the attack?

“I think it was either Calvin or Charmaine or that man looking for Paige but he was really after Preacher. Oh my….”
@TeresaF03708929 (7:32 PM · Nov 30, 2020) posted one.

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Another fan pointed out that Paige/Michelle’s friend who came to talk to Preacher could’ve had an ulterior motive. Maybe she teamed up with Wes’ brother to seek revenge after what Paige/Michelle did to her ex-husband?

Virgin River Season 2 when and how to watch
Virgin River Season 2 when and how to watch

Even after a lot of math the fans are nowhere near the point of identifying the shooter. If Jack fails to survive ultimately Mel is to be blamed. Will that happen? Will she be overburdened by the responsibility over his plight? Well, this is not the first time she is been blamed for the death of somebody whom she loves. It began with her husband Mark’s death and now its Jack’s turn. What’s in store for Mel? Will Jack survive the shot? Let’s wait and watch in the upcoming season,the most awaited ‘Virgin River season 3’.

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