‘Virgin River’ Season 2:The long-awaited first night of Mel and Jack appeared sensational!

After a series of anticipation and tiring moments of impatience the wait is over for all ‘Virgin River’ fans! Finally, the zealously desired bit has arrived and it’s time to eliminate the word ‘Virgin’. Now it’s just the ‘River’. Yes, the true love between Mel and Jack has found a consummation!

Nearly after a full year of waiting, the long-awaited first night of Mel and Jack finally came true after a long series of 12 episodes, in season 2 episode 2. The bright-eyed and bushy-tailed moment took place towards the fag end of the second episode of the recently released season of the web series.

Let’s pick up from the previous season. The drama series ‘Virgin River,’ which revolves around Melinda “Mel” Monroe, a nurse practitioner who relocates to the eponymous small town after her husband’s death. Season 1 shows the many trials and tribulations that Mel faces while adjusting to her new life.

What happened to Mel's husband in Virgin River and why did she sacrificed her engagement ring
What happened to Mel’s husband in Virgin River and why did she sacrificed her engagement ring

Virgin River Season 2 which was released on 27th November has garnered a wider viewership since it traverses through Mel’s journey of mending her relationships and making out for some meaningful ones.

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In the second episode of season 2, Mel wants to get everything out in the open so that she and Jack can go back to the way things were, apologizing for leaving and returning without telling him. A deranged and bruised man who breaks into Doc’s office is actually looking for drugs. He even holds Mel at knife point but runs away after Jack approaches him. Mel storms out and unfortunately the car’s battery is dead.

Virgin River Exclusives on the real love life of Mel and Jack
Virgin River Exclusives on the real love life of Mel and Jack

‘Virgin River’ Season 2: The courtship sequence of Mel and Jack bore fruit!

Soon after this, Mel goes to the bar to clear the air with Jack. She apologizes for her absence and the lack of communication, and he accepts it. But Mel also makes it clear that she is not ready for a relationship. She has already lost one man important to her, and if she lets Jack into her life in a romantic capacity, he’ll only become another person she stands to lose. She doesn’t have the strength to take a chance right now. Then, she goes back to her car, but it won’t crank. Mel is frustrated and starts crying, but Jack comes and comforts her. Also in the encounter Mel hurts her ankle. So Jack takes her home and cares for her and they end up spending the night together. The climax becomes imperative if we want to understand what is going on with Mel. She does not want to ruin the possibility of a family for Jack.

However, the fact that Jack and Charmain are becoming parents brings her back to reality. Furthermore, even though a part of her longs to be with the veteran, Mel is terribly afraid of losing another man she loves.Hence in an attempt to not get hurt, she prevents herself from enjoying any form of romantic happiness. Thus Mel pushes forth her life by fighting her inner demons by holding heart between her teeth.

As far as the intimate scenes are concerned Alexandra Breckenridge (aka Mel) appreciates that the moment remained “nice and tasteful” while still feeling romantic and satisfying. “Our show, I believe, is PG-14,” she says with a laugh, “so there aren’t a lot of body parts that are allowed to be shown. We also have a huge age range that watches, from younger viewers to older viewers, and I don’t think everybody wants to see a full True Blood-level sex scene. And I fully did a True Blood scene back in the day.”

The recent updates on ‘Virgin River Season 3’ has put the fans on pins and needles. According to the latest updates it seems that the third season shall hit the screen soon. Let’s wait and watch!

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