WandaVision In Its Next Episode Shows WandaMaximoff and The Vision In Their Halloween Costumes

Wanda Maximoff and the Vision don can be seen in the Halloween costume in their upcoming episode. 

Disney+ continued its recent trend of creating a decade-themed poster for WandaVision, this time sharing new clothing for its main characters in Halloween costumes. 

The poster which was shared via Marvel Entertainment Official Instagram account featured images of Wanda maximoff and The vision on the screen. Both characters can be seen smiling while wearing their classic costumes. 

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The same Halloween theme was used by MCQ before their poster promoting Wanda Vision’s premiere. The poster was shared via Twitter on 8, December 2020. The poster featured television with an image of Wanda Maximoff and the Vision on the screen with a peek at strange wallpaper in the background as well as a house plant.

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