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    Watch Tanya Roberts’ Partner Lance Reaction She Still Alive, Who has Mistakenly Mourned Death on Jan 3

    Tanya Roberts’ longtime partner Lance was in the middle of a TV interview when he received the call that the actress was still alive. Check out the footage below and Roberts friend to inform his friend Tanya Roberts did not die, as previously reported on Jan3.

    The whole was stunned and surprised to learn that actress Tanya Roberts had been falsely reported as dead. Then just imagine how blissful will be her partner after hearing the news. 

    Lance O’Brien was speaking on live TV about the death of his partner, former Bond girl Tanya Roberts. Appearing on Inside Edition, he was speaking about his loss when he received a phone call from the hospital, where Tanya was being hospitalized.

    In the mid of the interview, Lance is heard saying, “Now, you’re telling me she’s alive. All a sudden he started crying with you as she revealed: “The hospital is telling me she is alive, They are calling me from the ICU team.” 

    Previously in the interview, Lance had told that he had been unable to visit the hospital as per Covid-19 protocols and managed to believe that she has left her on 3rd Jan Sunday. 

    He said: “ When she saw me and I was there, I saw her eyes open. I felt good. I said, “Hey, her eyes are opening, Her eyes are opening,’ They told me that’s just a reflex. 

    According to Lance, Tanya had problems with liver function and was taken to Cedar’s-Sinai Medical Center,  Lance visited with her on Jan 3 and was under the impression he had seen her alive for the final time. 

    The after how this happened, Tanya’s publicist the Hollywood reporter Mike Pingel reported that Lance heard from hospital staff that he should say his final goodbyes. Mike said he later received a phone call from Lance, which made him publicly announce Tanya’s death. 

    Tanya Roberts with her rep Mike Pingel
    Tanya Roberts with her rep Mike Pingel

    Following the joyful news, former That 70’s co-star Ashton Kucher took to social media on Jan 4 to shutting down the rumors about the death of his co-star in the most possible ways he can. 

    Sindhu Shivdas
    Sindhu Shivdas
    Sindhu is an MBA graduate worked with Emirates Airline Dubai, a BA literature Graduate

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