“We did it,” says Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of his ”Hair Transplant Clinic”!

Cristiano Ronaldo, the famous footballer is not interested in limiting himself to the sports genre alone. He seems to be quite excited in propagating his philanthropist ideology worldwide through various innovative ventures till the day. Recently, he inspired his fans with his ‘Life Saving Autograph,’ which created a positive wave among all his fan followers.

Of late, the most celebrated face in Football, Ronaldo is up for his 2nd anniversary celebrations of his ‘Hair Transplant Clinic’ named Insparya Clinic in Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo is excited to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of his ‘Insparya Clinic’!

insparya by ronaldo
insparya by ronaldo

”We ́re celebrating! Two years ago we opened our Madrid`s Insparya Clinic, with the goal to achieve the leadership in hair transplant. Over 5000 patients after, we can proudly say “We did it”. Over 5000 dreams achieved, hoping them to be the beginning of much more to come. Thank you very much to our teams for making it possible and to all our patients for trusting us,” posted Ronaldo.

He was very much enthusiastic while he announced that the entire team of his hospital was successful in fulfilling the dreams of over 500 people.

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Watch the story of Insparya below:

Announced in March 2019, the Portugal sensation Ronaldo began his own hair transplant clinic in Spain which was aimed primarily to help people improve their self-esteem. He began this venture as a joint partnership with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez.

ronaldo and his girlfriend georgina
ronaldo and his girlfriend georgina

Ronaldo, who is known for having an interest in his own self-care and maintaining his looks, has said that he wished to open the clinic as a way to help people deal with alopecia, which is a condition where people undergo the partial or complete absence of hair from areas of the body where it normally grows – in this case, the head, which leads to premature baldness.

insparya inauguration
insparya inauguration

In addition to helping people with their confidence by controlling their hair growth to avoid such issues as male-patterned baldness, Ronaldo also aimed to boost the country’s economy as well as helping the Spanish people with this hospital.

And as they approached to the 2nd anniversary, he happily exclaimed that ”We did it,” in a proud tone.

Happy 2nd Anniversary Insparya! Way to go!

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