“We’re dealing with complicated issues,” says Barack Obama Celebrating seven years of “My Brother’s Keeper”!

Barack Obama, the former President of the US had a handful of dreams when he kick started his venture “My Brother’s Keeper” seven years ago. Now that the initiative has successfully completed a daunting, and challenging seven years of journey, Obama, being the prime mover of the foundation, performs a detailed analysis of their cruise till date.

Of late, Obama took to his Instagram page to offer a sneak peek to their activities and how far it has contributed to the fulfilling of the agendas put forth during the points of its birth.

The mission as designed was an initiative towards reducing barriers and expanding the opportunity for boys and young men of color.

“That day, I said I knew that this work wouldn’t be easy; we’re dealing with complicated issues that run deep in our country’s history and are entrenched in our minds,” says Obama ruminating over the initial days of the venture.

“My Brother’s Keeper” Celebrates the Seventh Anniversary!

My Brother’s Keeper was launched on February 2014
My Brother’s Keeper was launched on February 2014

Also, the past year was the most challenging one so far in the history of “My Brother’s Keeper” due to the pandemic issues.

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“This past year, the combined crises of the COVID-19 pandemic and racial injustice once again laid bare why it was important for us to launch the @MBK_Alliance—because it’s up to all of us to build communities that are more safe, more equitable, and more just for everyone who lives in them. That’s why I’m continually inspired by the innovative, hardworking folks who have stepped up to the plate since 2014, especially in recent months,” says Obama.


However, he is happy with the fact that ”My Brother’s Keeper” leaders have doubled down to reduce the barriers that hold young men of color back and in this context he also seeks help from each and every philanthropists to ensure their active role in the development of the mission so as to uplift the young men of color facing discrimination on a daily basis.

“Ensuring that our young people can go as far as their dreams and hard work will take them is the single most important task that we have as a nation. And I am committed to continuing this work of supporting our young men and boys of color as they reach for their fullest potential,” says Obama as a concluding note, once again proclaiming his lively partaking in the mission.

Recently, Barack Obama had garnered wide media attention when he disclosed the reason why he dedicated his memoir A Promised Land to his wife and daughters.

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