What is happening in Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of Seas?

Royal Caribbean Ltd
Royal Caribbean Ltd

The world’s second-largest cruise line operator, Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the seas, is in a protest as the crew members’ repatriation dates were delayed simultaneously. Members of the crew headed to the deck and protested on May 15, knowing that their repatriation date has again changed.

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Around 400 members led the protest, according to the report. The date provided to return home changed five times, and this made the crew members furious. Most of them in the ship deals with anxiety problems and stress caused due to the coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, many strive for food, and also pay denied for them, made life in cruise hectic.

CDC has given guidelines for the repatriation of crew members. Royal Caribbean’s unreasonable delays are facing criticism world wide. People are stuck in the sea as each country has its own rules and restrictions to follow.

“That one simple question – how do we get you home? – turns out to be incredibly complex to answer,” Michael Bayley, chief executive officer of Royal Caribbean International, wrote to his crew members this month. “Each country has rules and regulations for who can travel home, and how, and when. But in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, those rules have gone in all directions – and they frequently change without notice.”

Royal Caribbean claims their operating expenses and administrative expenses are nearly 170 million per month as the operations shut down on March 13 due to the pandemic. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd is in continuous talks with Morgan Stanley to seek help in the company’s present financial issues.

After a hunger strike and protest on May 15, the crew members hope they will be repatriated by the Royal Caribbean Ltd very soon.

More than 90,000 people are trapped in the sea around US waters according to the reports.