What Rose McGowen wrote on Instagram on her birthday

Rose McGowen, 46 years old American actress, activist and author wrote on Instagram about her thoughts and her purpose to “force a hard Cultural reset.”

Rose McGowen has been a prominent figure of #MeToo movement since the campaign came. She became the first women to publicly accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault. She has made a mode for herself at the forefront of the MeToo campaign in Hollywood. Her controversial statement is now a historic revolutionary sweep in the industry. 

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The MeToo campaign gained concern around the world, and a large number of sexual abusers come forward to share their stories to raise awareness.

Rose McGowen, who recently made a noteworthy comment concerning rape and sexuality, celebrating her 46th birthday wrote on Instagram: “I’m so happy right now. Surrounded by those I love. And those who see truth when it is there, not when it’s convenient. My movement was never #MeToo. Like I’ve always said, I am a #MeToo, I’m not #MeToo. My real name Rosa Arianna McGowen. I am here to subvert the dominant paradigm. I am here to force a hard Cultural Reset. I came to finish my father, Daniel McGowan’s work. My mother Saffron’s work. There are two agencies that rule your mind. They both being with C. Being a Radical Utopian, I consider myself a social Anarchist.

It has been my life’s unwavering mission to get those in the greater cult of bordered nations, of bordered minds. I affect the System because I can. Because I was born into a world not like yours, not like almost anyone on Earth. Understand this, I am not like most of you. I was not raised to think, act or be like you. Your collective values, by and large, are not mine. Your System is not mine. But the way I got out of the Cs was by going public in 2014, at first with my work, Dawn. Best laid plans. I had to break my way out of two iconic evils. Hollywood. DC. I know them both all too well.

Rose McGowen says Rape “Survivors are allowed to own their Sexuality & Sensuality”
Rose McGowen says Rape “Survivors are allowed to own their Sexuality & Sensuality”

They are united against all of us. It’s not you, it’s them. Trust me, I want nothing from anyone, I only wish to educate and make those unaware aware. I have lived in both evils, worked with both evils, I know cults well. What has the system you are in done for you mentally? How do you feel? Going well? No. I offer an alternative way of thinking and seeing traditional thought. I’ve lived behind the scenes in a life that would be unimaginable to most, but necessary and vital for me, and lifesaving for many. “I thank you all for going through another bloody round in this exodus.”

Many commented to Rose McGowen post on Instagram wishing her on her birthday, some others thanked her for her stand in the campaign. 

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