Whatsapp Upraise It’s Updated Status After The Postponed Of Updated Privacy Policy

Whatsapp to delay its new privacy policy which made a big controversy between its users over the safety with the updated policy. 

Facebook inc’s Whatsapp has released a statement announcing that the company has delayed the last date for users to accept the new privacy policy.

Whatsapp updated its status on the app which was noticed to all the users to accept the new policy. The company guaranteed its commitment to maintaining the privacy of the users. In a thread of messages, the Facebook ownership company said “Whatsapp can’t read or listen to your personal conversation as they are end-to-end encrypted’” Whatsapp can’t see your shared location and WhatsApp doesn’t share your contact with Facebook.”

The message was clearly visible to the users for the clearcut information of privacy. In place of the contact’s name, it was mentioned Whatsapp for the user’s preference. Later on Saturday, the company commented in its blog that Whatsapp is trying to help its users to review and understand the new policy before accepting it. As for it has also postponed its last date of accepting the policy. 

The company added that its main aim is to protect people’s private conversations with end-to-end encryption and neither Whatsapp nor Facebook could have any access to these private conversations. 

The new policy had made millions to leave WhatsApp and switch to other platforms since the users are concerned that their data could be shared with Facebook.

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